About Marvit

Our Journey

It all started in the winter of 2018 on the scenes of an outdoor porch landscape in Montreal. She picked up a paintbrush, acrylic paint and canvas and started making paint strokes on the canvas as she created beauty from blank background. She started drawing at 10 years old. The journey to the development and refinement of the artistic virtues of Marvit began. Marvit obtained previously, formal university training in architecture and formal training in art from Syn Studio Montreal, Canada. She decided to take the art seriously by cultivating a client audience and registering the business. In 2018, she engaged in a number of national and international exhibitions. She has built a team and ever since taken on both local and international projects in art and architecture with notable clientele and industry leaders.

The company has established credible trust and relationship with her clientele.

What We Value

What we value is finding the highest form of artistry within a design project and drawing that out for all to see. The amount of lackluster creating that is done in this world is something we didn’t want to facilitate any further. Everything done, can be done with a certain flare, or panache, that will inspire others further. We value the ability to give that to every company, small business, and individual, that we work with. To inspire with one’s work is the road to a brighter tomorrow, and our company is built on the act of inspiration.

Inspired By Life

What We Belief

We believe in "bringing art and artistic imagination to life". In any situation where we’re hired it’s about listening to the client’s needs, taking notes, and then putting our spin on them. We create singular works that will stand out, and in turn, help our clients stand out as well. Everyone that hires us will feel heard, that is always going to be important, and everyone will have their needs met as well. Our company is dedicated to creating artistic works that will propel other individuals and companies forward.

Feature Highlight

Feature Highlight

Feature Highlight